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20 acres of land for sale at Hatton Garden – North East Coast

This property is located on the North East coast of the island near Pagua Bay. It comprises about 20 acres or 8 Hectares or 8,000 m². Minimum purchase is 1 acre or .4 Hectares

If your dream is to own a piece of land on a river then Hatton Garden is perfect for you. This Estate is close to the village of Marigot and the main Douglas-Charles airport (formerly Melville Hall airport). Located on the Atlantic coast of the island, Hatton Garden Estate was originally about 300 acres and was a thriving estate for centuries producing sugar, rum and limes. This land is very fertile and many crops are still grown. It is only a walk away from Pagua Bay. Segment 7 of the Waitukubuli National Trail crosses parts of the property.

Close to the airport and the village of Marigot

This property is ideal for cottages or a retreat home. There are coconuts, bamboo and a variety of other natural trees and vegetation present. River frontage is possible for those who purchase early. Please note that there are restrictions as to how close a structure can be built to the river. The main Roseau – Marigot highway is only a couple, hundred meters away. Utilities are in the vicinity of the main road. This property is only 10 minutes drive from the main airport.

Prices are between US$1.12(EC$3.00) to US$ 1.90(EC$5.00) per square foot.

Minimum size purchase is 1 acre or .4 Hectares. Prices vary depending on section and purchase amount.

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